How to arrive

The Panetarium is located right in the city center, at the Av.24, nº800 (GPS: 41.006221, -8.638306).

Espinho is 20 kilometres to the south of the second largest Portuguese city Porto.

Porto airport is served by most airlines, including several low-cost carriers, with daily connections to all major European airports. From the airport, Espinho is easily reachable by metro + train (about 1 hour, cost about 5 Euros) or by taxi (about 30 minutes, cost about 35 Euros).

Fly to Lisbon is also an option, and a train should be used to arrive at Espinho, that takes about 2h40m.

Espinho is also easily reachable by road, served by several highways.

Fly to Porto airport

Option1 -Take the metro and tain to Espinho:

– At the airport metro station, please purchase a Z6 ticket, that covers the entire trip, at a cost of 2.80 €.

– Take the metro at the airport to Campanhã train station (single line existent).

Duration: 32’ 55’’

Average waiting Time: 30’

– Take a train at Campanhã train station to Espinho train station.

Duration: 30 minutes

Average waiting time: 15’

Option2 – Take a taxi to Espinho:

– Take a taxi at the airport main arrival entrance.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: 35 Euros

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Fly to Lisbon airport

Take a train to Espinho:

– Take a taxi, BUS or metro to the train station “Gare do Oriente”. Buses N. 208, N. 705, N. 750 and metro to Oriente station.

– Take a train to Espinho, which takes about 2h20m to 2h40m and runs regularly, and costs between 24,00 and 30,20 Euros.

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Lisbon airport:



Drive to Espinho

– Espinho is served by the highway IC29, which runs East-West. This is intersected by two main highways that run North-South: The A29 (IC1), which comes very close to Espinho and highway A1 (IP1). Both bring you easily to Espinho and they connect Lisbon to Porto.