Submissions Guidelines

– Entries can be submitted in two different formats:

1)  In a projection ready format submitted using a web transfer service*.

2) Shipping in a hard drive or similar storage device.

*Not available for 3D (Stereo) entries.

1 – Projection ready format.

Using this format entries can be submitted using a web transfer service, or providing a link for the organization to download it. Prior to submission, entries need to be prepared in a format ready for projection, using a simple PC software tool provided by the organization. This generates a relatively small file, that should be made available to the IFF’17 organization to download.
Do please contact the organization if you would like to use this format at
This submission format is not available for 3D (stereo) productions.

2 – Shipping the entries in a hard drive

Submissions in this format must be submitted on USB3.0 external drives, formatted for PC, using the following specifications:

• Master: Individual images, in Fisheye format, 24-bit, no alpha channel.

• Resolution: 2Kx2K up to 4K x 4K pixels resolution.

• File Type: Targa (.tga) with RLE compression, PNG (.png) or JPG (.jpg).

• Use a five-digit image sequence numbering, for example: my_show_xxxxx.png.

• For 3D content, the Left and Right eye images should be in separated folders, with file names clearly indicating the eye correspondance, ex: my_show_L_xxxxx.png (Left eye) and my_show_R_xxxxx.png (Right eye).

• Frame rate: 30 fps or 60 fps.

• Uniformity: All images must have the same format, color bit depth, color space, resolution, file type.

• Audio: Either multiplexed file or separate 5.1 audio WAV sound files MONO @ 48k, 16-bit (stereo (LIR) or 5.1 (L/C/R/SL/SR/LFE). Submit all channels even if audio is in stereo using the following nomenclature My_Show.wav.

• Language: Submission audio language in English is recommended.

• Starting point: Audio and image should start at the same exact point. When possible, image and sound should have the same exact length.

• Identification: Hard drives, cables, boxes and other spare parts sent must be clearly identified.


Attach a README.txt file to your submission, specifying the following:

– Resolution.

– Frame rate.

– Runtime.

– Sound files format.

Submissions must include a preview in fisheye format with:

– Pixel resolution of 800×800;

– Quicktime (.mov) or Windows Media (.wmv) format (audio included).

Send your complete entry submission package including MoU and Application Form before 1 October 2019 to:

Immersive Film Festival 2017

Espinho Panetarium

Centro Multimeios de Espinho

Av. 24, nº 800

4500-202 Espinho


Phone: +351 227331190


Exceptionally, entries in this format can be submitted using a web transfer service, such as ftp, as long as it proves to be technically feasible. Do please contact the organization.

Please add any comments or additional information you feel would help the jury understand your work.

Submissions must provide or include the necessary resources in order to return the drives. Do please contact the organization for further details by email to:

If you are attending the festival please collect your Hard Drive during the Festival.


Promotion material:

If your Fulldome Show is selected to be screened during the festival, you’re also requested to send the following material:

– Flyers (100 units).

– Poster: In digital format (medium resolution) and printed in A3 size.

– Trailer for a flat screen.