0 hours 15 minutes
Michael Saul/Producers: Kate McCallum
Age restriction:
General Audience


Welcome to the illuminated world of Mesmerica.  A musical and visual journey that will
take you deep into the beautiful space that is your highest self.  A doorway to a profound
place of love and light, where gratitude is the key and wisdom the reward.

Mesmerica is a 15-minute dome piece that is part of a longer work in progress. It brings
the mesmerizing music of award-winning composer and performer, James Hood together with a
group of talented artists whose visually-hypnotic animated art creates a synesthetic journey
designed to relax, sooth, and creatively stimulate the mind and senses… James performs on a
unique instrument called the “hang” which is constructed from two half-shells of steel joined
together at the rim leaving the inside hollow, creating a distinct ‘UFO shape.’ The animation
imagery ranges from abstract and fractal art, to surreal representations of space, and
otherworldly landscapes.

The music piece was performed and created by James Hood, directed by Michael Saul, and executive
produced by James Hood, Bennett Freed, and Ed Lantz of Vortex Immersion Media, produced by Kate
McCallum, with original art by; Brianna Amore, John Banks, Glenn Marshall, Howard Mathews, Ben
Ridgeway, Michael Saul, Ken Scott, Lee Spencer, Tom Vereker, and Mike Winkelmann (Beeple). It
also includes original animated art designed for the show as well as imagery from NASA, and
scientific visualizations provided by Jonathan A.N. Fisher, PhD for Brain Data and Visualization
courtesy Neurodome® and Mark Subbarao, PhD, Adler Planetarium for the Galaxies and Brain sequence.