Closer to The Stars
Chec Republic
0 hours 20 minutes
Pavel Karas/Producer: Brno Planetarium
Age restriction:
General Audience


More than a century ago, the sky was full of sparkling stars, inspiring generations of poets, musicians
and painters and filling peoples’ minds with dreams and joy.

What about now? How do we feel when we are looking at the muddy haze unfolded over all big cities from
Los Angeles to Beijing? This woolly orange mist has cut us off from darkness and obscured our view to the space.

Admirers of the night sky’s beauty and astronomers seeking for the greatest mysteries of the universe now
have to follow the dark sky to inhospitable, hardly accessible and deserted locations. And it is here where
the story of “Closer to the Stars” takes place.

After months of preparation, our colleagues created their own original fulldome film. And it is quite a
unique show. You will experience the views of the sky from the darkest and most distant spots on our planet.
The views for which you would have to travel thousands of kilometers and overcome many obstacles. It is a
film which presents what we lack living surrounded by the city lights.