Planetário de Espinho
17 to 20 of October

All submissions (50 fulldome movies from 18 countries) were evaluated by a Jury based on the following criteria: content, implementation, innovation, artistic achievement, production, creativity, originality, narrative, design, entertainment and advancement in artistic and scientific visualization in the immersive environment.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners in the following categories:


Best of IFF19:
Jury: For its simplicity, rhythm, space adequacy and great artistic beauty.

The Great Waka (O Grande Waka)

Country: New Zealand
Producer: OHU fx
Director: Frank Rueter, Matt Pitt

Best Immersion:
Jury: By exploring homogeneity in the transition between different places without any break.

Urban Levitation (Levitação Urbana)

Country: Germany
Producer: Studio Schwitalla
Director: Sergey Prokofyev

Best Soundtrack:
Jury: For the richness and impact of the soundtrack on the audience.

Vestige (Vestígio)

Country: United Kingdom
Producer: NSC Creative
Director: Aaron Bradbury

Public Choice Award (Short Pieces only):

Fractal Time (Tempo Fractal)

Country: Netherlands
Produção/Director: Julius Horsthuis

Feature Films

Best of IFF19:
Jury: For the overall sum of the story, animation, plot, immersiveness associated with a control of lighting, which gives it a unique aesthetic quality.

Lucia, the Secret of the Shooting Stars (Lúcia, o Segredo das Estrelas Cadentes)

Country: France
Producer: Planetarium Saint-Etienne
Director: Laurent Asselin

Best Immersion:
Jury: For the detail of this fantastic production, associated with the continuation of both the narrative and the journey provided to the viewer.

Expedition Reef (Expedição ao recife)

Country: USA
Producer: California Academy of Sciences
Director: Ryan Wyatt

Honourable Mentions:

Jury: For the value of the work as a whole, the production, which involves detailed scientific visualizations associated with an enormous artistic beauty.

Birth of Planet Earth (Nascimento do Planeta Terra)

Country: USA
Producer: Spitz Creative Media
Director: Thomas Lucas

Jury: For the innovative and differentiating nature of this production.


Country: Japan
Producer: HIRUKO production committee
Director: Masashi Lida

Best Soundtrack:
Jury: For the sound design of this production that greatly contributes to set the pace and rigorously drives the viewer, enriching the different scenes.

Birth of Planet Earth (Nascimento do Planeta Terra)

Country: USA
Producer: Spitz Creative Media,
Director: Thomas Lucas

3D Sessions:

Best 3D:
Jury: By effectively exploiting 3D as an immersion enriching tool.

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo story (CAPCOM GO! A história da Apolo)

Country: United Kingdom
Producer: NSC Creative
Director: Max Crow

Honourable Mention
Jury: For the quality of production associated with the effectiveness of its 3D.


Country: Poland
Producer: Creative Planet
Director: Maciej Ligowski