Submissions Guidelines

Submissions must be submitted on USB3.0 (exceptionally USB2.0) external drives, formatted for PC, using the following specifications:

• Master: Individual images, in Fisheye format, 24-bit, no alpha channel.

• Resolution: 2Kx2K up to 4K x 4K pixels resolution.

• File Type: Targa (.tga) with RLE compression, PNG (.png) or JPG (.jpg).

• Use a five-digit image sequence numbering, for example: my_show_xxxxx.png.

• For 3D content, the Left and Right eye images should be in separated folders, with file names clearly indicating the eye correspondance, ex: my_show_L_xxxxx.png (Left eye) and my_show_L_xxxxx.png (Right eye).

• Frame rate: 30 fps or 60 fps.

• Uniformity: All images must have the same format, color bit depth, color space, resolution, file type.

• Audio: Either multiplexed file or separate 5.1 audio WAV sound files MONO @ 48k, 16-bit (stereo (LIR) or 5.1 (L/C/R/SL/SR/LFE). Submit all channels even if audio is in stereo using the following nomenclature My_Show_L.wav.

• Language: Submission audio language in English is recommended.

• Starting point: Audio and image should start at the same exact point. When possible, image and sound should have the same exact length.

• Identification: Hard drives, cables, boxes and other spare parts sent must be clearly identified.


Attach a README.txt file to your submission, specifying the following:

– Resolution.

– Frame rate.

– Runtime.

– Sound files format.

– Submissions must include a preview in fisheye format with:

– Pixel resolution of 800×800;

– Quicktime (.mov) or Windows Media (.wmv) format (audio included).

– Clearly label the physical medium in English with:

– The submission title

– Contact person’s name

– Telephone number

– Email address

– Send your complete entry submission package including MoU and Application Form before 15 November 2015 to:

Immersive Film Festival 2015

Espinho/Sciss Panetarium

Centro Multimeios de Espinho

Av. 24, nº 800

4500-202 Espinho


Phone: +351 227331190


– Exceptionally, entries can be submitted using a web transfer service, such as ftp, as long as it proves to be technically feasible. Do please contact the organization.

– Please add any comments or additional information you feel would help the jury understand your work.

– Submissions must provide or include the necessary resources in order to be returned. Please do contact the organization for further details by email to:

– If you are attending the festival you please collect your Hard Drive during the Festival.

– If your Fulldome Show is selected to be screened during the festival, you’re also requested to send the following material:

– Flyers (200-300 units).

– Poster: In digital format (medium resolution) and printed with A1 size.

– Trailer for a flat screen.