Mário Augusto
Mario Augusto

Mário Augusto is one of Portugal’s most well known entertainment journalists. He began his career in 1985 in a newspaper called “O Comércio do Porto”, published in the north of the country. Always in love with the movies, he began his entertainment career in several other newspapers and magazines.

Mário worked for several stations and is a founding member of Porto’s popular Radio Nova. He began his career in television in 1985 in the state owned TV station RTP and in 1992 he was a founding member of the first private TV station in Portugal, SIC Television. He interviewed all the major movie stars, directors and producers. He covered the Oscars and film festivals and the shootings of several films.




António Costa Valente
Antonio Valente

PhD in cinema, lecturer at the University of Aveiro and has been visiting professor at several institutions of higher education. Director of AVANCA Film Festival since 1997 and scientific conference AVANCA | CINEMA since 2010.

He produced and co-directed the first Portuguese animated feature film. As a director and producer, he was awarded about two hundred awards at festivals on five continents. It is, among other organizations, is leader of the “Portuguese Film Academy”, national coordinator of “INPUT TV” and co-editor of the “International Journal of Cinema”.




Armando Bouçon
Armando Boucon

Director of the Museum of Espinho municipality, Master in Contemporary History at the Faculty of the University of Porto and graduated in History from the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, lecturer in the University and trainer in the field of culture and tourism.

In 2000 he stated to dedicate himself to research on local history and directed the History Office of Espinho Town Hall where he organized several initiatives on the history of town. Worked in the exhibition design of the project of installation of the Municipal Museum of Espinho that opened in 2009, accumulating the functions of director of the Museum and in head of Culture and Museology Services of the Municipality of Espinho.





José Alberto Rodrigues
Jose Rodrigues

PhD in Multimedia in Education, teaches the discipline of Information and Communication Technologies and is the President of the national council of teachers of visual and technological education.

Is a member of the Organizing Committee of CINANIMA – International Animated Film Festival of Espinho and is also Coordinator of the Festival’s Workshops and Educational Services.