The Festival includes a competitive section, and will award the best in fulldome productions. IFF’17 jury will be choosing among submitted works according to the following main categories:

– Short Pieces (from 1 up to 15 minutes)
– Complete Fulldome Shows.

Within these two main categories, five awards will be attributed:

– Best of IFF’17 //This award will distinguish the best production taken in account multiple aspects of a fulldome production such as: content, technical implementation, innovation, visualization, artistic achievement, production values, creativity, originality, narrative, design, and entertainment value.

– Best 3D // This award will focus on the best use of 3D in the dome, looking for the best exploration of the extra dimension provided by stereoscopy.

– Best Immersion //This award will focus on the best use of the dome terms of immersiveness, enabling the audience to experience the best and true immersion sensation that only the use of fulldome techniques in a creative way can provide .

– Best Soundtrack // The sense of immersion is highly supported by the audio. This award will distinguish the best soundtrack, with special attention to the music and sound design, taking in account the immersive experience that it provides.

– Public Choice // The audience will select the best short film among the submitted productions (for Short Pieces, 1 up to 15 minutes, category only).


– All awarded works will receive a IFF’17 trophy and a diploma.

– The awarded works for Best of IFF’17, both for Short Pieces and Full Shows will receive a license of the editing/compositing tool for spherical environments, the Fulldome Plugin software.